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Pattern Sheets from the Nagybátony-Újlak United Industrial Works Catalogue
“The industries of individual countries will never reach a proper level of culture and competitiveness until the collaboration between art and industry is ensured to a proper extent” (Dénes Györgyi) Born 135 years ago and one of the most active Hungarian architects in the interwar years, this is what Dénes Györgyi (1886–1961) thought about the connection between the construction industry and the art of architecture. He worked not only as an architect, but also as an interior designer, and taught at the College of Applied Arts (now the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design) for more than 35 years, including being its director in 1945–1946. The HMA MPDC Hungarian Museum of Architecture preserves a significant portion of his estate, including schemes and documents on flooring systems of h...

Part 4
2021. april 26.
József Fischer reported on the construction of the villa in a letter to his friend, Marcel Breuer
2021. april 07.
On this occasion, for our Artwork of the Month series we have again chosen an extraordinary 18th century volume from the collection of old and rare books in our Library:
Part 2
2021. march 25.
“On many an evening before the ‘bleak times’ set upon us, we spoke in the company of her husband, the outstanding editor of an economic journal Dr. Géza Radó, in the cozy atmosphere of the Bajza Street home. Rózsi Walter liked to talk at length on the phone and give brief interviews.”