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Artwork of the month

This time in our artwork of the month series, we have selected a special 17th century book again from the Library’s collection of rare and old objects.
Vitruvius Pollio, Marcus (1st century b.c.e.): De architectura (German) Des allernamhafftigisten und hocherfahrnesten römischen Architecti und kunstreichen Werck oder Bawmeisters Marci Vitruvii Pollionis Zehen Bücher von der Architectur und künstlichem Bawen / erstmals verteutscht ... durch D. Gualtherum H. Rivium. – jetzt aber an vilen Orten verbessert. – Basel : Sebastian Henricpetri, 1614 . – [32], 613, [3] p : ill., woodblock print ; 2°. Number: 7158 (Inv. no.: 11498)   The main point of interest for this book is that it is the only professional work on architecture known from antiquity. Its author, Marcus Vitruvius Pollio (c. 80-70 b.c.e.-after 15 b.c.e.), was a military engineer and architect who lived during the times of Julius Caesar and Augustus. He wrote the work we are r...

Part 5
2021. july 19.
Interesting details have come to light in relation to the construction history of the Rózsi Walter Villa during its currently ongoing rehabilitation.
Virtual Exhibition on the Architecture of Győző Czigler
2021. july 02.
Our exhibition entitled “Consistency in Form and Spirit” – The Architectural Art of Győző Czigler organized in conjunction with the Budapest Metropolitan Archives can now be viewed in a virtual format.
Virtual Exhibition: “…To Put together an Exhibition from the Commission’s Stock of Drawings and Photographs …”
2021. june 15.
Our institution has reached another milestone: the first of the HMA MPDC’s own independent exhibitions can now be seen virtually.