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Introducing the Károly Kós Virtual Archive

At the end of 2022, we briefly provided news that the Károly Kós Virtual Archive had been launched with the support of the National Cultural Fund and through the cooperation of the Budapest City Archives, the Miklós Ybl Architectural School of Óbuda University, and the HMA and MPDC.
The first virtual archive of architecture in Hungary was created in 2010 by the Budapest City Archives to present the career of Béla Lajta. The website catalogues Lajta’s life work with an attempt at being comprehensive, including archival written and design documents, contemporary press materials, and a presentation of the former and current states of the buildings augmented with photographs. In terms of its structure, it is comprised of datasheets on the buildings and other thematic sub-pages, which in addition to descriptions, bibliographies, and contemporary press materials also includes photographs, drawings, and other documentation preserved in archives and at museums. The Miklós Ybl Virtual Archive follows this same structure, as does the recently released Károly Kós Virtual Archive...

2023. february 09.
Reconstruction of the Sebestyén-Lechner office based on an accounts journal
Artwork of the Month – January 2023
2023. january 12.
The Downtown Church and the structure housing the Queen Elizabeth Memorial, circa 1935, glass negative, inv. no.: 031.235N
2022. december 02.
Model of the Hungarian pavilion for the Seville world’s fair. Design: Imre Makovecz. Model: István Danka. 1991. HMA MPDC Museum Department 2001.8.1