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Part 6

The opera singer Rózsi Walter reported in the middle of September 1936 that she had just furnished her recently completed house.
In the Sunday, September 13, 1936 issue of the Pesti Napló (Pest Journal), Rózsi Walter was asked about her roles at the Opera House. She mentioned in this brief interview that her new house had just been built and that recently she had been occupied with the furnishing of this home. “At the moment, I have no idea what the first news will be of what role I will be playing at the Opera House,” she began the interview. “I spent the summer in Austria, and I returned from there not long ago. At home, I have been busy with furnishing my house that was just built, and I have not yet even had time to look at the program for this year’s season. The one thing I do know and am happy to talk about is that I will appear on the Opera House stage as an operetta prima donna around December.” (Walter Rózs...

2021. september 03.
Bull or Ox? Was it really the chalice of Attila? Did they originally plan to erect one fountain or two? Did they really just barely find the hidden fountain after World War I? The story of our museum’s eosin-glazed waterspout provides an answer to these questions.
2021. august 02.
Bartolomeo Gaetano Pesci, a member and teacher of the Accademia Clementina in Bologna and a landscape painter, made four paintings in 1780 for Miklós Esterházy “the Magnificent”. These depict his palace at Fertőd, showing it from the four cardinal directions.
Part 5
2021. july 19.
Interesting details have come to light in relation to the construction history of the Rózsi Walter Villa during its currently ongoing rehabilitation.